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There are some common misconceptions around the practice of Pilates,
once they are dispelled it is very easy to see the benefits of this technique.

Pilates is not just for young, fit women, it was originally designed by Pilates for men. Pilates teachers have the ability to modify and progress the exercises even within a class situation to match the clients’ needs. This means that Pilates is suitable for young and old, fit and not so fit, men and women and for active sports people whether or not they are injured.

Strengthening muscles to support your back, bones and joints.
Whilst lots of people come to Pilates upon the recommendation of their doctor or physio, it also a great method to help prevent injury. Learning how to isolate muscles in order to work them effectively means that the correct muscles are used to support the back and help the body move. Core muscles are trained and strengthened to protect the back, as well as muscles that support other joints and bones.

The muscles that develop as a result of regular practice of Pilates are long, lean muscles and alongside the awareness of posture that is encouraged in class leads to a change in body shape.

pilates to strengthen the back

The exercises help to relieve stiffness and pain whilst not putting strain on joints. Again Pilates teachers are able to adapt the sessions as necessary. The improvement in flexibility, strength, body awareness means that balance and stability is improved giving rise to a limber body with graceful, fluid movement.


Control of breathing is a large part of a Pilates class. For some people this can be quite difficult, but once mastered is very beneficial. Improvements in the respiratory system leads to a more efficient circulatory system. Learning to control the breathing also helps to leads to a calmer mind, a great benefit in the modern world.

In summary
Pilates is for anyone and everyone, it makes you feel good, look good and move well.

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